Speed Pipe Racers

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Kids Need a Break from Video Games?

HomeStone introduces one of the hottest gifts this year!  Our Speed Pipe Racers that will give your loads of excitement! 

Our kids these days spend way too much time staring at screens...endless hours of video games can't possibly be healthy.  Just wait until they get started with their new Speed Pipe Racers!  You will see levels of imagination and excitement that you haven't seen in ages!

You will enjoy watching your kids engage their creativity as they construct their vision of an awesome racetrack...up and down walls, over and under furniture, or from room to room!  The more you build, the faster your Speed Pipe Racers go!

Even at these amazing speeds, these remote-controlled cars stay safely on track in their super durable tubes.  With cool illumination, the kids will turn out the lights and have an incredibly awesome light show!

Features and Specs:

  • Super Fast Remote Control Race Car
  • Illuminated Car Creates Spectacular Light Show in the Dark
  • Easy to Construct Tube Track Inspires Creativity
  • Gravity Defying Speeds Capable of Climbing the Wall 
  • Available in a 37 piece set
  • Multiple Sets can be Connected Together for an Ultra-long Track
Excite Your Kids Today with Speed Pipe Racers!

**Get yours now before supplies run out!!**