Solar Mosquito Zapper

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Mosquito Problems??

HomeStone offers you the most effective way to eliminate those pesky mosquitoes so you can once again enjoy summer evenings outdoors!

Our Solar Mosquito Zapper is the perfect solution for all your insect problems at the pool, patio, or any other outdoor space!!  Protect your family from mosquitoes and any other biting insects that can carry risk of harmful disease.

The Solar Mosquito Zapper is a portable, solar-powered LED lamp that you can easily install along your walkway, in your garden, or anywhere in your lawn.  You'll also love its convenient hanging option to strategically place in any tree, pole or patio post.  Our Solar Mosquito Zapper uses an LED light to attract flying insects and zap them dead!!

Charges All Day...Kills Mosquitoes All Night!!


  • Solar Powered and Eco Friendly
  • No Wires or Cables to Install
  • Insert Lamp Stake into the Ground
  • Hanging Option for any Tree
  • 1.2v / 600mAh Lithium Battery
  • Lights Up and Zaps Bugs for up to 8 Hours
  • Portable, Durable, and Water Proof


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