Roof Rack Step-up

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Trouble Reaching Your Roof Rack?

Now HomeStone brings to you the Roof Rack Step-up!  A step for your car or SUV that gives you the reach you need

An absolute MUST HAVE to tie up your:
Mountain Bikes
Skis and Snowboards


It's always a struggle to secure your gear up on the luggage rack without adequate reach.  In fact, it can take you hours to tie up your bikes, attach your surfboard, skis or any other bulky travel items.  This reaching and straining can often result in unwanted scratches to your car or even injury to yourself!

With our super easy Roof Rack Step-up, you will have the height and reach you need to get this job done with a breeze!  Made from ultra strong aluminum, our tool simply hooks right into your door latch striker on the frame of your car, truck or SUV.

Because our Step-up tool attaches directly to your car's frame and striker assembly, it easily and safely supports your body weight with no risk to you or your vehicle!!  Here's how we know your frame and striker are so strong...

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards requires that all vehicles sold in the US undergo testing to ensure that door latch and striker assemblies withstand a force of 11,000 newtons (2500 lbs.) of force in 5 directions.

CFR › Title 49 › Subtitle B › Chapter V › Part 571 › Subpart B › Section 571.206

Features and Specs:

  • Ultra Strong Aluminum
  • Non-slip foot surface
  • Attached Securely to the Door Frame
  • Fits easily in your Glovebox
  • Supports up to 510 pounds


Reach Your Roof Rack with Ease!

***Get yours now before supplies run out!!***