Quick Flow Electric Pump

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Need to Pump Fuel?  Drain the Fish Tank?

HomeStone brings you our amazing Quick Flow Electric Pump...the simplest most convenient way to transfer any liquid to or from absolutely anywhere.

Our battery operated Quick Flow Pump is small and compact but amazingly powerful...capable of pumping up to 9 quarts per minute!  Simply submerge the suction end into your liquid and press the button and it will make small work of any pump job.

  • If you're a fish tank owner...this tool is a must-have to make changing the water quick and easy!
  • Need to fuel-up the tractor, snowmobile, off road vehicles...no better way to transfer fuel without spills.
  • Flooded basement...no problem, put the mop away
  • Leaky boat... don't worry, keep on fishing


***Quick Flow Electric Pump is a Must-Have Tool for Every Garage***


Features and Specs:

  • Powerful Pump Motor capable of 9 quarts per minute
  • Pump and transfer any non-corrosive liquid without a hassle
  • Suitable for garage, aquariums, home, and yard usage
  • Perfect to fuel boats, tractors, snowmobiles, off road vehicles
  • Conveniently handheld, Lightweight and Portable
  • Safe and Easy to Use
  • Body Length:  25 inches
  • Outlet Length:  23.5 inches
  • Voltage:  3V
  • Powered by 2 D Cell Batteries (not included)
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