Bubble Ball Bumper Suit (Kids)

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Want Your Kids Up Off the Couch...They Need More Physical Activity?

Now HomeStone brings to you the amazing high-quality inflatable Bubble Ball Bumper Suit which gives your kids an awesome reason to get up and burn some energy!  Our Bumper Suit allows your kids to safely bounce and roll off one another or any other obstacle while having an absolute blast!!

Lack of physical activity is detrimental to your kids health and development. Kids were made to run, jump and play...Unfortunately, kids today are spending too much time sitting in the corner of their room playing video games.  Our Bubble Ball Bumper Suit will get your kids up and outside!!

Enough trying to convince them to play the same old games...they're bored and its not going to work!  Infuse new life into their old-school games...try playing Tag, King-of-the-Hill or even Soccer with our new Bubble Ball Bumper Suit!

Active Kids are Healthy Kids!!

Get your kids out of the house today and let them jump around with this Bubble Ball Bumper Suit.  So many awesome games that they will absolutely love to play with their new Bubble Ball Bumper Suit...You wont get them back in time for dinner!!

Features and Specs:

  • Portable:  Collapsible for easy transport to and from absolutely anywhere
  • Wearable:  Allows kids to bump and jump or tumble and roll without hurting themselves.
  • Durable Construction:  Heavy duty PVC is tear resistant for long lasting fun.
  • Inflated size: 36'' x 36'' x 36'' (90 x 90 x 90cm)
  • Available in 2 color options!

Let the Fun Begin with our Bubble Ball Bumper Suit!

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