LED Lamp Phone Charger

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Want to Add a Little Technology and Style?

Now HomeStone brings to you this LED Lamp Phone Charger!  A revolutionary device that will let you see and feel technology at its finest.

You love innovation and anything that makes life easier.  You like to have a smart and modern home and acquiring cool gadgets is just a step in achieving it.  This LED Lamp Phone Charger will be a great addition for your desk or bedside!

This unique and stylish lamp and charger in one is surely one of the coolest gadgets you'll ever have.  This device is not only a dual purpose but also wireless, giving you enough freedom in usage.  Perfect for evening reading with it's intelligent dimming feature that lets you adjust the brightness of the lamp depending on your preference.

No need to worry about overcharging your phone as it automatically shuts down when the battery is full.  Its top design makes for a perfect side table lamp or a fashionable office table design.


Features and Specs:

  • Intelligent Dimming Electronic Touch Controller to Adjust Brightness
  • Energy Efficient LED Technology
  • Sophisticated Design:  Simple yet unique.
  • Safe Charging Technology Automatically Shuts Down When Fully Charged.
  • Lifetime: 50000H
  • Size: 6''x 3''x 10'' (LxWxH)
  • Power: 5W

Love your smart home design with your new LED Lamp Phone Charger!

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