Sink Shower Head

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Need a Quick and Easy Wash in the Sink?

Check out this simple and convenient solution from HomeStone.  Our Sink Shower Head makes it incredibly easy to wash your hair, pets and babies right from any ordinary sink!  

Bathing babies can be a delicate challenge.  Being gentle and playful to try and overcome a fear of water, daily bathing can be a tricky and sometimes difficult task.  With the Sink Shower Head, you can turn any faucet into a gentle and soothing shower for your little bundle of joy! 

This shower head attaches easily to any faucet and is perfect for a quickie hair wash or bathing your furry friends.  


  • Easily Adapts to any Faucet
  • Convenient Use and Storage 
  • High Quality Flexible Hose
  • Total length: 1.3 m / 51inch


Enjoy Quick, Easy and Convenient Washing!

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