Motion Activated LED Strip

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Want Light Where You Need it Most?

Now HomeStone will set you up with our Motion Activated LED Strip so you will have light automatically when and where you need it most!

Leaving the lights on by mistake is a common problem that surely contributes to your high electric bills.  Our unique LED strips are energy efficient and with motion activation, they only come on when you need them! No longer fumble in the dark for manual light switches! 

So easy to install and versatile, you can place them absolutely anywhere.  They are perfect for placing under the your kids bed, baby's crib or even for seniors where they will light-up as soon as their foot hits the floor!  Use them in a dark hallway or staircase for a perfect nightlight that turns on and off automatically.

With our Motion Activated LED Strip you will never again fumble in a dark closet, cabinet or dresser drawer.  Simply cut the strip to the right length and tack it up with the motion sensor you have instant light every time you access! 


Features and Specs:

  • Energy Efficient LED Technology
  • Motion Sensor Activation
  • Auto Off Feature turns lights off 20 seconds after motion stops
  • Easy to Install with No Tools Required
  • Long Life:  Approximately 50,000 hours
  • Size:  0.3'' W x 40'' L
  • Color Options:  Warm White (3000k)  Natural White (6500k)
  • Operated by 4 AAA batteries (Not Included)


Enjoy the Convenience of a well-lit home!

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