Ultra 5 Second UV Welder

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The Kids Break Everything?  Tired of Messy Glue then Need to Redo?

HomeStone has the answer!  Our amazing Ultra 5 Second UV Welder is the perfect solution to all your fix-it needs around the home.

Fix everything quick and easy with no messy glues.  It’s a super-strong liquid plastic welding compound that forms a permanent and indestructible bond once activated with a beam of concentrated UV light. 

Our Ultra 5 Second UV Welder is the only tool you need to flawlessly repair nearly anything whether it’s made of plastic, rubber, metal, aluminum, wood, vinyl, leather or glass…and much more!

Unlike glue and common adhesives, this product lets you position and reposition until you want to make the weld permanent. The UV light creates a permanent bond in 5 seconds between damaged parts, enabling you to bond, repair, fill in cracks or chips and seal virtually anything.

  • Flexible, sandable, and paintable
  • Dries clear so you can fix anything with minimal markings
  • Fast & strong, creates an everlasting bond in just 5 Seconds
  • Permanently repairs plastic, metal, wood, glass, aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, and leather


Never worry about fixing broken things again!

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