EZ View Digital Microscope

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Calling All Scientists!!  Want to Digitize the Microscopic World?

Now HomeStone brings to you our most incredible EZ View Digital Microscope!  A small but powerful microscope that gives you intense magnification and a crystal clear view as you capture amazing images right on your computer screen!

Say goodbye to those old clunky microscopes of the past...whether you're an experienced scientist or young explorer, our EZ View Digital Microscope will be like no other microscope you've ever used!  With its USB connection and high-tech image capture capability, you can snap a photo or video of your microscopic world with the touch of a button!

Our Digital Microscope is self-illuminated with eight super bright LED lights making images clearer. It magnifies up to 1000x the original size showing incredible detail right on your smartphone or computer screen.  This microscope uses a Dynamic Image Sensor technology to make zooming in on objects super easy and delivers ultra-high resolution every time!

Features and Specs:

  • USB Digital Microscope: Lets you plug the device right to your Computer, Tablet or Smartphone to see microscopic items in high resolution.
  • High Power Magnification up to 1000x
  • Handy: Its compact and lightweight design allows you to take it virtually anywhere.
  • Built-in LED lights and adjustable knob: Lets you change the focus and brightness of the device for a better view.
  • Software allows for accurate measurement of microscopic objects
  • HD Still Image Capture resolution up to 1600 x 1200 (2M pixel)
  • Video Capture Resolution: 640 x 480

Start Snapping Pictures of your Microscopic World Today!

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