Furry Paw Washer

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Got Muddy Paws??

HomeStone offers you a quick and effective way to clean those dirty paws!  If your dog loves the outdoors...loves to get muddy...our Furry Paw Washer is a must have.

Simply add water alone or with a mild soap then place your pets dirty paws in one by one...with a gentle plunging and twisting motion you will have an Instantly Clean Paw!  Dab dry and repeat times 3!

The multi-layered and extra soft bristles quickly and gently remove dirt from between the paw pads, nails and from the lower leg leaving your dog with clean paws. 

Now your furry friend can have all the muddy and sandy fun he wants without tracking it into your house or car!!

  • Effective for both dogs and cats
  • Made of BPA Free materials and high-quality silicone bristles
  • Portable and lightweight take it with you anywhere, anytime
  • Easy to clean, rinse the cup and the removable silicone bristles ready for next use
  • Dishwasher Safe

If You're tired of puppy prints across your clean floor...

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