Micro Tube Dust Tool

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Want to Get That Dust from Every Crack and Crevice? 

HomeStone introduces our new and innovative Micro-tube Dust Tool.  Our most effective solution for cleaning all those impossible and hard-to-get spots that never get cleaned!

As time goes on, dust and grit accumulates in all those nooks and crannies.  The spots that we never clean because its such a tedious task.  Our Micro Tube Dust Tool is perfect for cleaning silverware drawers, keyboards, air vents, window blinds, toolboxes, or virtually any other impossible spot. 

Perfect for cleaning your car seats and home furniture

Designed with 36 flexible micro suction tubes that flex into any spot the dust hides.  It's micro tubes provide great cleaning power that sucks up the dust and grit while filtering out any items bigger than the tube diameters.  Tiny screws, coins or junk from your drawers or toolbox stay in place and the dust is gone!

With this Dust Vacuum Head, cleaning blinds, windows, drawers or smaller parts of your house is a breeze!



  • Universal Attachment to Fit Any Standard Vacuum
  • Innovative Micro Suction Tube Design
  • Provides Powerful Cleaning Power
  • Flexible Suction Tubes Clean Around Objects
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Made of high-quality materials


Our most incredible vacuum tool will make cleaning enjoyable!
**Grab One for Yourself Before Supplies Run Out!!**