Trunk Space Organizer

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Got a Mess in the Back?

HomeStone brings to you a super convenient and practical way to keep your car trunk or SUV neat and clean!

Our Trunk Space Organizer will give you an easy way to carry and store all your gear!  Whether you’re taking the family to the beach, camping, sporting events or just your everyday travel, our Trunk Organizer will keep your supplies and equipment neat and orderly.

**If you’re tired of your grocery bags spilling all over your trunk, our Trunk Space Organizer is for you! **

Neatly store Kids sporting gear, beach supplies or any other summertime necessities 
Carry extra sneakers, sweatshirts, bathing suits, or rain gear to always be prepared with a change of clothes 
Securely transport your grocery and shopping bags and prevent disarray 
Teach your kids to keep their toys, books, magazines, notebooks, pencils and crayons off the floor. 

Convenient storage for emergency kits, bug spray, sunblock, and flashlights for a time of need 


  • Durable Oxford Cloth Construction
  • Easy Clean and Stain / Moisture Resistant
  • 3 High Capacity Internal Compartments
  • Multiple External Pockets
  • Reinforced Handles Allow for Loaded Carry
  • Foldable Design Allows for Storage when not in use
  • Size:  27’’x 13’’x 13’’ (68 x 34 x 34cm)


***Perfect Organization and a Must Have for Any Road Trip or Day-to-Day Car Storage!***