Couch Armrest Organizer

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Need Pockets for your Couch?

Check out our new Couch Armrest Organizer brought to you by HomeStone.  It gives you the pockets you need to keep your remote controls and other gadgets all in one place!

You always lose these things in the cushions of your couch. Whether it's the remote, your phone, or a pen that you just used, everything seems be swallowed up by your hungry sofa.  Now with our Armrest Organizer you will always have a place to secure your stuff and never have to search again!

With its handy snack tray, you will have a secure surface for food and drinks to avoid unwanted spills.  A variety of pockets on both sides give you lots of storage for your books, magazines and important things for safe keeping...nothing worse than sitting on your glasses for a costly mistake.

Our durable, high quality Oxford material is spill and stain resistant.  It's foldable and convenient design makes it easy to carry from room to room and enjoy. 


  • Convenient 6 Pocket Design
  • Durable Oxford Material
  • Stain and Moisture Resistant
  • Secure Armrest Placement
  • Handy Drink and Snack Tray
  • Foldable and Easy to Remove


Never misplace the remote control again with this Couch Armrest Organizer!

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