Full Comfort Body Pillow

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Love to cuddle in total comfort?

Our Full Comfort Body Pillow from HomeStone is exactly what you're looking for!  Our softest most comfortable pillow that gives you full body support will let you sleep soundly every night.

Whether you are pregnant, have a loved one who is or just have a hard time finding that perfect comfort position, our Full Comfort Body Pillow is perfect for you!  Our untra-soft U-shape pillow provides comfort for your entire body so you will never struggle for comfort again. 

Our Full Comfort Body Pillow is ergonomically designed as a "hug" pillow, perfect for pregnant women or absolutely anyone who puts their body through a long hard day.  Providing full body support, our pillow relieves pressure, tension and pain as it keeps your head and neck aligned with your shoulders and hips to provide that total relaxed state.

Best of all, our Full Body Comfort Pillow is multi-functional as it can be configured into endless shapes to support any relaxing activity...perfect for nursing, reading, working on your laptop or simply watching your favorite movie!

  • Unique: The u-shape pillow is designed to follow the natural contours of the body to get you a good night of sleep throughout your pregnancy.

  • Pain Relief: Supports full body form, reducing discomfort and interruptions while you sleep. 

  • Multi-functional: Can be configured to multiple positions for total comfort while reading, watching TV, sleeping, nursing.


  • Filling: Polyester Fiber
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Weight: 1-1.5 kg
  • Size: 52'' x 28''  (130 x 70cm)
  • Available in 6 color options!
Sleep in Full Body Comfort Tonight!
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