Professional Breathalyzer

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Do you love to party but need to be safe?

HomeStone brings to you our Professional Breathalyzer that will let you enjoy the party and make the right decision to travel safe and worry free!

You love to have a good time but need to be a responsible drinker for the safety of your friends and family as well as your own.  The dangers of drinking and driving are well known and never worth the risk.  Our Professional Breathalyzer quickly and accurately measures your blood alcohol content at the moment you need to know for that ever so crucial decision...your life can depend on it!

With our Professional Breathalyzer, you will never have to guess can make the right decision and avoid learning the hard way.  All you have to do is to insert the hygienic mouthpiece, give a good blow and the result will appear on the digital display. It's a reading you can rely on with its incredible precision and professional level accuracy.

Its conveniently small size fits right in your pocket, pocketbook or use as a handy key chain.  You can bring it anywhere you go and never have to guess again.  When you really care about your family and friends, step up and be responsible with our Professional Breathalyzer! 

Features and Specs:

  • Professional Accuracy Tested for Reliability
  • Easy to Read LCD Digital Display.
  • Produces an Audible Alert.
  • Easy to Operate
  • Convenient Pocket Size
  • Range:  0.00 - 0.19%
  • Warm Up Time: 10 seconds
  • Response Time:  under 5 seconds
  • Powered By 2 AAA Batteries (Not Included)
Enjoy the Party and Be Responsible with Your Professional Breathalyzer!

**Get yours now before supplies run out!!**