Personal Space Air Cooler

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HOT Summer!!  Need low cost Cooling??

**Our HomeStone Personal Space Air Cooler is the perfect solution!**

HomeStone brings to you a compact yet powerful air cooler that pulls in hot air from your room, then cools, filters, humidifies, and blows that air back to you creating a personal cooling Zone!

Our air cooler doesn’t use freon of other toxic chemicals making it not only safe and energy efficient as it runs at a fraction of the cost of the big air conditioners.  Simply fill with water, plug into a wall outlet or USB port and enjoy cool, clean and comfortable air!

Uses and Features:

·        For the perfect night’s sleep in every bedroom.  The whisper quiet fan and peaceful LED nightlight makes for a comfortable night’s sleep as you create your own personal sleeping climate.  Great for adults as well as kids!

·        Does an amazing job cooling your kitchen!  Get instant relief while you cook over that hot stove with its soothing cool mist.  Powerful enough to take the discomfort out of summertime cooking!

·        Generates the optimal working climate in your office, garage, workshop, or virtually any hot workspace.  Take advantage of its convenient size and USB option to power cool right on your desk!

·        A wonderful living room companion, our Personal Space Air Cooler provides a relaxing temperature zone while you enjoy family time, television, or a good book.  With its ideal compact size, our air cooler will fit nicely on the coffee table or any other convenient space.


·        Cools Personal Space by up to 6-8 Degrees
·        Compact and Portable Size 10’’x 8”x 8”
·        Easy Fill 750ml Water Tank Lasts Up to 8 Hours
·        LED Mood Light with 7 Colors to Choose
·        Powerful yet Quiet Operation with 3 Fan Speed Settings
·        Energy Efficient with USB Power Option


**Get Your Own Personal Space Air Cooler**