Handyman Furniture Mover

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Moving Out? 

Having a Hard Time Rearranging Furniture?


Now HomeStone brings to you our Handiyman Furniture Mover to help you move even the heaviest of dressers, sofas, kitchen appliances and so much more! 

Imagine the burden of moving furniture from one room to another without anyone to help you.  Unbearable right?  This will never be a problem again with your new Handyman Furniture Mover here to help!

Need to clean?  No worries...with our Handyman at your side, lifting all your heavy furniture is a breeze for a full and thorough vacuuming.  Made of premium high quality steel, simply slide the fork under and lift while its anti-slip design holds your furniture firmly.  Slide the 4 rolling casters under and roll your furniture for an easy rearrangement and new look to your room.

Cleaning under or rearranging furniture is a breeze!

Features and Specs:

  • Premium High Quality Materials make it strong and durable 
  • Safety Design with Anti-slip feature 360 Degree Rotating Caster Pads
  • Compact Size for Portability and Storrage 
  • Handle Length:  14''
  • Caster Wheel Size:  4''x 3''
  • Package Includes 1 Lever, 4 Casters


Furniture and Appliance Moving Made Easy!

**Get yours now before supplies run out!!**