Frozen Fruit Swirler

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Love Fruit?  Love Ice Cream but Want to Eat Healthy??

If you’re looking for that perfect tasty treat to as an alternative to unhealthy Ice Cream…then look no further!  HomeStone brings to you our Frozen Fruit Swirler to turn your favorite fruits into soft-serve desserts in just seconds!!

Create a sweet treat that family and friends will enjoy…Simply peel, cut and freeze the fruit and then insert it into the chute on top of the machine. The result is a delicious and healthy dessert that’s fun to eat and it's perfect for parties, cookouts and any social gathering! 

Your Kids Will Absolutely LOVE Soft-serve Frozen Fruit!!

Our Frozen Fruit Swirler comes with 50 great recipes to get you started but you can also experiment using your own blends.  Enjoy desserts that are amazingly delicious, nutritious, and fat-free, because you are in charge of the ingredients!  Don’t forget your favorite toppings! 

  • Make Healthy Desserts from 100% Fruit  
  • Create Soft-serve Treats in Seconds  
  • Blend all your Favorite Fruits  
  • Great with Bananas, Pineapples, Kiwis, Berries, Mangos, Peaches, Chocolate  
  • Healthy Alternative - Delicious and Nutritious  
  • Fat-Free, Preservative Free  
  • 50 Recipes Included  
  • Dimensions: 13.58"W x 5"D x 10.04"H  
  • Removable Parts are Dishwasher Safe for a Fast and Easy cleanup
  • Available in 5 color options! 

*** Treat Your Family with our Frozen Fruit Swirler Today!***