Home Laser Engraver

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Do You Love Engraving Your Personal Items?

HomeStone offers you our most incredible Home Laser Engraver that will allow you to commemorate a special event and make your gifts more memorable!

Personalizing your collections is not that practical if you have to pay someone a higher price to do it for you.  Whether you have a small business that offers jewelry or memorabilia customization or you're a hobbyist who enjoys arts and crafts...you will love our Home Laser Engraver!

Your ability to scale your business and engrave your logo on promotional items or directly on your product is now one step closer to reality.  With its high precision and stability feature along with its advanced high powered laser system, you will achieve a professional engraving every time!

This brilliant engraver comes with design software and plugs directly into your computer so you can easily create your own logos and designs.  Or, even edit and engrave your favorite images and photos on any compatible surface!  Our Home Laser Engraver is so easy to operate that anyone can use it for home arts and crafts!

It's perfect for wood, plastic, leather, and so much more.  With the Home Laser Engraver, engraving ideas are endless!

  • Easy Set-up and Operation
  • Design and Image Editing Software
  • High Powered Professional Laser (1500mW)
  • High Precision and Stability
  • Image Positioning System
  • High engraving performance
  • Offline Operation Capability
  • Safety Laser Shield and Protective Glasses Included


    • Size: 6.5'' x 6'' x 5.6''
    • Power: 1500 mW
    • Engraving Area: 3.15'' x 3.15'' (80 x 80mm)
    • Input voltage and current: 5 V / 2A
    • Product weight: 1300g

    Enjoy engraving your keepsakes with our Home Laser Engraver!

    **Get Yours Now Before supplies run out!!**