Easy Paint Speed Roller

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Love Painting But Hate the Mess?

Allow HomeStone to introduce our Easy Paint Speed Roller...takes the hassle and mess out of every home painting job!  

There's nothing better to brighten up your home than a fresh coat of paint in the perfect color.  However, ordinary brushes and rollers drip and splatter leaving you with the mess and hassle of clean-up after the job.  With our Easy Paint Speed Roller and its no-drip feature, clean-up has never been easier!

Went to get the job done quickly?  Our Easy Paint Speed Roller holds more paint than regular rollers and never needs to be dipped!  Simply unscrew the cap and pour your paint directly into the reservoir cutting your ordinary painting time in half!

**Fill the Reservoir with Paint and Never Needs to be Dipped!**


Features and Specs:

  • No-drip Feature Minimizes Mess
  • High Density Felt Roller Distributes Paint Evenly
  • High Volume Paint Reservoir Eliminates Dipping
  • Lets you paint any wall regardless of the degree of texture 
  • and holds much more paint than regular rollers 
  • Extended Aluminum Tube for Long Reach
  • Roller Size:  8'' x 3.5''


Cut Your Painting Time in Half with Our Easy Paint Roller!
 ***Get yours now before supplies run out!!***