Easy Hang Wall Tool

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Could Use a Little Help Hanging Pictures?

Now HomeStone brings to you our Easy Hang Wall Tool to help guide you through a perfect hanging job every time!

Everyone loves a beautifully decorated home.  Having family photos and paintings on your walls adds a genuine profoundness to every room in your home.  Hanging frames however, is not as easy as it looks.   Now with our Easy Hang Wall Tool, you will be amazed at how effortless hanging pictures can be!

Our mounting tool gives you perfect alignment every time with its easy to read built in level.  Simply hook your frame on the tool, line it up and your nail hole is marked for you.  No tool has ever made hanging pictures easier!

Our Easy Hang Wall Tool works on all wall materials and with all types of hardware.  It's made of high-quality ABS materials for strength and reliability.  Perfect for hanging pictures, art work, clocks and mirrors or virtually anything else you want to hang!  

With our Easy Hang Wall Tool, you will never need to call for help again!


Features and Specs:

  • Simple and easy to use - no experience necessary!
  • Built-in level for a perfect hang every time
  • Marks you nail hole with the push of a button
  • Can be used with all wall materials and hardware
  • Weight: 5.65 oz
  • Size: 13.5'' x 3.5''


Hang photos like an expert with your Easy Hang Wall Tool!

**Get yours now before supplies run out!!**