Seat Belt Pillow

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Long Commutes?  Family Road Trips?

Kids Nap in the Car?

Now HomeStone brings to you the perfect solution to help your kids sleep in the car.  Our softest most comfortable Seat Belt Pillow will give your kids the ultimate comfort during long rides!

Car rides can be the best opportunity for kids to get that much needed nap.  Unfortunately, poor head support and uncomfortable seat belts all too often prevent or interrupt your child's nap.  The reality is...sleeping in a car can put your child's neck in an uncomfortable, compromising position that could lead to neck pain, discomfort, headaches, and nausea.

Our Seat Belt Pillow is a very simple design that provides the support for your child's head and prevents potentially harmful postures.  With its soft micro-suede fabric and plush cotton stuffing, getting that much needed nap in the car has never been more comfortable.

Napping kids are quiet kids...allowing you to enjoy those long car rides!  


Features and Specs: 

  • Ultra Soft Micro-suede Fabric
  • Plush Cotton Stuffing for Added Comfort
  • Removable and Washable Cover
  • Shrink Proof and Non-deforming
  • Perfect Size for Children and Adults of all Ages
  • Available in 3 Color Options

Make Your Kids Cozy and Comfortable in the Car!!

***Get yours now before supplies run out!!***