Premium Adjustable Phone Mount

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Need a Better Way to Use Your Phone in the Car?

Is There a Hands-Free Law in Your State? 

Don’t be a distracted driver!  HomeStone brings to you a sure and easy solution for all your phone mounting needs.  Our Premium Adjustable Phone Mount secures your phone in perfect view whether in your car, office or home!

With the advanced mounting system, you can easily secure your phone mount to almost any convenient spot.  The quick-lock button securely locks it to your windshield, dashboard, or console for safe hands-free use.  Uninstalling is just as easy so you can take with you for indoor use!

Phone GPS in perfect view…

Our Premium Phone Mount is fully adjustable to provide you with the best viewing angle.  With its telescopic long-arm action you can bring your phone as close as you need.  360-degree rotation ensures you will always have the best view!

If you like streaming video at home, our Premium Adjustable Phone Mount is exactly what you need to set up in any room of the house...the perfect mount for the kitchen, office, or bedside!



  • Increases Safety with Hands-free Use
  • Convenient use in your Kitchen, Office, or Bedside
  • Adjustable Arm reaches up to 6.5in (16cm) for close viewing
  • 360-degree Rotation for Optimal Viewing Angle
  • Easy Mount/dismount with Push-button Locking on any solid surface
  • Soft Anti-slip Grip Holds your Phone Securely in Place
  • Adjustable to Accommodate all Phones up to 4in (10cm)


Be Safe with Hands-Free Phone Use!

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